Champion of Tomorrow

This program is designed to financially help dedicated young athletes/musicians between the age of 6 and 24 who are training hard to become champion in their corresponding disciplines.

The pressure for our young emerging generation to reach the ultimate top is increasingly demanding. In addition to strong mental will and overwhelming physical dedication, economic pressure often plays a critical role on the journey and outcome.

It is widely known that many talented athletes and musicians are forced to abandon their journey due to huge financial burden. In addition to the costly equipment, getting elite training often requires substantial financial backing. When the goal becomes too economically draining, inevitably the only choice is to desert something that they have a talent for, and something that they have been training hard on since youth. This is not just a loss at personal level, but also a loss for the school, region, state, or even the country that they represent.

ALMS recognizes these dedicated young athletes and musicians, and our goal is to provide a channel for donors to contribute and thereby support these individuals to help them stand higher on the world stage.

What We Need

Generous donors Like You

We need your generous contributions. Our dedicated young athletes and musicians need all the help they can get.

All donations will be classified as gifts under the 501(c)(3) guideline. Every donor will receive a tax deductible receipt from ALMS for tax purpose.

When donating, simply click ‘Donate’ below, and select a sport or music category of your choice. ALMS will evaluate each of the profiles in the category, and redistribute your contribution as grants according to the competition achievement and/or training progress. It is possible that multiple profiles may receive grants.

ALMS or the Champion of Tomorrow program director has the final decision on how each grant is issued.

Who can Apply to this Program

Talented/dedicated young athletes, musicians, and organizations that provide elite training

If you are an athlete or musician between the age of 6 and 24, who is training hard and determining to become a champion in your discipline, you can apply to this program.

ALMS also recognizes organizations and specialty groups that provide elite training and programs to young adults in sport and music. If you are such organization, feel free to apply as well.

For each application, ALMS will evaluate the applicant’s background, competition achievement, and the training or program status before accepting into the Champion of Tomorrow program.

Once enrolled, the applicant profile will be featured on the Champion of Tomorrow page.

Distribution as Grant

Donors’ contribution is issued as grants to the individuals and organizations who are enrolled in the Champion of Tomorrow program.

When the donations to a sport or music category accumulate to certain amount, ALMS selects one or more profiles and issue grants accordingly. The selection is purely based on competition achievement, training progress, and the potential of becoming champion.

Please note that this is NOT a sponsorship or endorsement of any kind. ALMS does NOT require representation or any service in return.

For the Grantee

When an individual or organization receives a grant from ALMS, the fund must be used in related expenses such as training, coaching, equipment purchase, …etc. This is to comply with IRS grant guideline. ALMS may conduct routine checks and may require regular reports on spending from the grantee to make sure such requirement is met. If any violation occurs, ALMS reserves the rights to dismiss the grantee from this program.

It is not ALMS’ responsibility to withhold any federal or state tax on the grant. It is grantee’s responsibility for such declaration when filing for tax. In many cases, grant income should be tax-exempted as long as the fund is used for the intended purpose. Please check IRS guideline and consult with a tax advisor for further clarification.

Program Requirement

  • Not all applications are guaranteed to be enrolled. Individuals or organizations with proof of dedication, talent, and promising achievements will be considered as priority
  • Individual athlete or musician will be automatically dismissed from the program once he/she reaches 25 years of age
  • Individual/organization is required to submit a report every year on training progress and competition result. Failure to do so may result in dismissal from the program
  • Individual should notify ALMS immediately if he/she is no longer participating in training or competition in the discipline. When the pursue of the dream stops, the individual will be dismissed from the program
  • Organization should notify ALMS immediately if the elite training program stops or participation in competition stops. In such case, the organization will be dismissed from the program

  • ALMS will retain a small administrative fee from each donation to help keep this program going
  • Read the full program detail here

Contact us regarding this program, please email

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