Our Mission

A Little More Support’s mission is to provide financial support to struggling children and young adults, so that they may have a better shot at life, build a brighter future, and perhaps achieve their dream.

ALMS offers various programs that are designed to support children and young adults in different ways. From those living in rural and extreme poor condition to talented young trying to reach their ultimate dream goal, there is a program for them.

In the 21st century, many of us have enjoyed and benefited from the technological and medical advancement for the past few decades. However, even as of today, there are still those in some remote parts of the world living in rural and extreme poor condition. It is our duty to lend a hand and help the children so that they can be a contributor to our world. ALMS’ Community Outreach program is focused on this.

When children struggle to stay afloat everyday, it takes away their likelihood for success. Some of these children may be brilliant, but when they have concern with their daily life, their chances are minimal. Children are our future. They should be nurtured, developed, and supported in every way that our community can provide. ALMS’ Lunch Money program is aimed to help these struggling children so that they can stay focused on their future.

Donate and help. If you are interested in joining our cause and help with our fund raising events, please volunteer.

Our society has evolved in a way that favors those who are financially established. Those who have talent and dedication but born in less privileged environment have to study extremely hard to hope for a small chance of acceptance. This happens frequently in our academic system. ALMS’ Scholarship program hopes to provide some financial support to some of these young adults so that they too may succeed.

The elites outside of the academics (particularly in sport and music) should be claimed by those who have talent, train very hard, and have dedication. However, many of these young adults have to forfeit their goal simply because they just don’t have the financial support. This is truly a loss to our society and the region or country that they represent. ALMS’ Champion of Tomorrow program is positioned to provide a channel for donors around the country to support these future pillars of the world.

When children receive proper attention and education in their up-bringing, it is very likely they will learn how to solve problems, and not create some. Helping children to become a positive contributor of our society have a profound impact for mankind. In addition, children who receive help through their up-bringing will more likely to give back when they grow up. They may have influence on their children, family and friends. This will potentially create a positive cycle of giving and helping others, and re-enforcing the improvement of our society.

The phrase ‘children are our future’ is part of human civilization. However, how can the future of humankind count on them when so many are suffering and struggling? What are the privilege of children? To be innocent, to be worry free, to have the capacity to grow physically and mentally, and to have the opportunity to learn and thrive. Under-privileged are stripped of all these. Clearly, more need to be done as our future is as stake. ALMS is just a small public charity and there are only so much a small organization can help, but it is a start.

To find out more about us, please email info@alittlemoresupport.org

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