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When children struggle to stay afloat everyday, it takes away their likelihood for success. Some of these children may be brilliant, but when they have concern with their daily life, their chances are minimal. Children are our future. They should be nurtured, developed, and supported in every way that our community can provide.

In this program, ALMS gives back directly to the community by providing essentials to children who needs them the most.

The smile on the children’s faces when they receive the donation is priceless. Your generosity gives children hope, and reminds them that you are there to reach out with a helping hand.

Give children clothing, donate to The Community Outreach Program

Who Benefit from this Program

Children who are in poverty

The program is open to children worldwide. We focus on children from rural, developing, and less affluent areas who lack the basic supplies.

Give elementary school supplies, donate to The Community Outreach Program


Enrollment is easy, just fill in a short application form

If you are an elementary school, children hospital, child care center, church, or any organization that provides services to children in poverty or poor areas, please enroll in this program. ALMS will try to locate and secure the items that you requested. Once the items are obtained, ALMS will arrange a donation to your organization.

Give children story books, donate to The Community Outreach Program

Give stationary, donate to The Community Outreach Program

What We Need

Unused children toys, clothing, & story books, elementary school stationary & supplies, and monetary donation

We gladly accept unused children toys, clothing, & story books, elementary school stationary & supplies. Unfortunately, we do not accept used items due to health and hygiene concern.

We also accept monetary donation. The fund will be used to procure items as listed.

All donations will be classified as gift under the 501(c)(3) guideline. Every donor will receive a tax deductible receipt from ALMS for tax purpose.

Give children toys, donate to The Community Outreach Program

How ALMS Gives Back

Through other charities and organizations

ALMS works with other charities, churches, elementary schools, children hospitals, and organizations to identify children in poverty around the world. Items received from donations will be redistributed to these organizations who provide direct services to these children.

Give money, donate to The Community Outreach Program

Past Event

Mission in Guyana

June 20, 2020

ALMS donated school supplies to a group of students who are living in extreme poverty in Guyana through the ‘Sister Servant of the Lord & the Virgin of Matara‘ church missionary group…

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