We need volunteers to help with the Star of Hope Tournament. The fund raising competition usually runs for 2 days, and we need all the help we can get.

In addition to help during the event, we also need help few days prior to the tournament for setup and the day after the event for the take down.


  • Check-In Help
  • Crowd Control
  • Help with Auction
  • Help with Raffle Draw
  • Photography (General)
  • Photography (Sport)
  • Pick up Food (if car is available)
  • Score Entry
  • Score Keeping/Umpire
  • Serve Judge
  • Setup (days before event)
  • Take Down (day after event)
  • Triage
  • Usher
  • Videography

Sign Up

If you are looking to build up volunteer hours for your school, work, or simply yourself, feel free to sign up below.

We provide all the training (particularly for Line Judge and Score Keep/Umpire) that is needed, and we usually meet a week before the event to go over details. During the event, we provide the necessary equipment (camera, camcorder, tablet, tools…etc) if available.

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3Personal Info


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Contact us regarding volunteering, please email volunteer@alittlemoresupport.org

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