Champion of Tomorrow – Program Detail


  • This program is opened to individuals from 6 years of age to 24 who show exceptional talent in sport or music, and are training hard to compete at elite level or trying to reach the top in their discipline
  • Organizations which provide coaching for elite athletes or musicians are also eligible
  • To apply, simply submit an online application form
  • Submission of an application does not mean the applicant is enrolled in the program
  • ALMS will verify the information provided and make sure the credential is accurate, and will decide if the application is accepted
  • Not all applications are guaranteed to be enrolled. Individuals or organizations with proof of dedication, talent, and promising achievements will be considered as priority
  • If the application is denied, the applicant will be notified via email
  • When the application is accepted, the applicant is officially enrolled in the Champion of Tomorrow program, and an ALMS account will be generated and shared with the applicant along with the acceptance into the program via email. The applicant’s profile will be published on the Champion of Tomorrow page
  • Since this program is achievement based, the accepted applicant is NOT allowed to freely update his/her profile on the Champion of Tomorrow page to prevent misinformation being listed
  • If there are any change to the profile, simply logon to ALMS, go to the Manage Profile section in the profile page, and submit an Update Profile form. ALMS will verify the submitted information and will update the profile accordingly
  • No renewal is required for those who are enrolled. The applicant stays in the program as long as he/she continues to perform and fulfill the requirement of this program. The applicant will be dismissed from the program as outlined in the Dismissal section below
  • Please note that donor cannot donate directly to a profile as this may violate IRS guideline. Instead, each profile is associated to a sport or music category. Donor make contribution to the category, and it is up to ALMS to decide which profile within the category to receive grant
  • When contribution to a sport or music category accumulates to $2000, ALMS will select one or more profiles to receive grant. The amount of grant which profile to receive will be solely determined by ALMS


  • Donor can make donation to a sport or music category
  • Donor CANNOT designate a particular profile or recipient to receive the donation as this may potentially violate the 501(c)(3) code as outlined by IRS
  • Donation to this program is classified as gift under the 501(c)(3) guideline
  • To make a donation, donor simply clicks on ‘Donate‘ on the Champion of Tomorrow page. This will redirect to ALMS’ donation page, where donor selects a sport or music category and fills in a simple form to complete the contribution
  • If the donation is equal to or less than $2500, such contribution can be made via PayPal or Credit Card directly on ALMS’ donation page, or send in a check
  • Donation over $2500 will only be accepted by a check
  • If making donation by a check, please make check payable to A Little More Support, and send to the following address. Please include a screenshot of the donation form along with the check

A Little More Support
Champion of Tomorrow
101 S. Santa Cruz Avenue #293,
Los Gatos, CA 95031

  • Once the contributed is received and cleared, ALMS will send a tax deductible receipt via email or mail to the donor
  • It is entirely up to ALMS to decide how the donation is distributed to the profiles. No one outside of ALMS will have any part in such decision


  • When contribution from donation in a sport or music category accumulates to over $2000, ALMS will evaluate the associated profiles and start the selection process
  • The selection criteria is purely achievement base (on recent competition results, training progress, and goal)
  • More than one profiles can be selected in each sport or music category
  • The selected profile will be notified by email that a grant will be issued
  • The grant amount can vary, and it is entirely up to ALMS’ discretion
  • When the grant paper work is ready, the selected profile will be sent an online Grant Agreement, which he/she must sign in order for it to be legally valid
  • When ALMS receives the signed agreement, the grantee will be issued a check within 10 business days
  • The grant is NOT a sponsorship or endorsement of any kind. ALMS does NOT require representation or any service in return
  • Per the IRS Grant guideline, the grantee must use the fund in related expenses such as training, coaching, equipment purchase, …etc
  • There is no expiration on the grant meaning there is not a fixed date that the grantee must consume the entire grant by
  • ALMS requires spending reports from grantee to make sure the fund is spent appropriately. The frequency of the spending report will be defined in the Grant Agreement
  • If the grantee fails to provide the spending report, he/she risks dismissal from the Champion of Tomorrow program
  • The spending report can be entered directly online from the profile page. Simply log on to ALMS and go to the Manage Profile section in the profile page, and submit a New Expense Report form. All expense reports will be kept confidential and not published on the profile
  • If any violation occurs, ALMS reserves the rights to dismiss the grantee from this program
  • ALMS will NOT withhold any federal or state tax on the grant. It is the grantee’s responsibility for such declaration when filing for tax
  • In general, grant should be tax exempted as long as it is used for the purpose as outlined in the Grant Agreement. However, ALMS suggests all grantee to consult with tax advisor as each individual situation can vary


  • A fee will be retained by ALMS to account for any cost associated with bank, marketing, and administration, and any other operating expenses to keep the program going
  • The fee is deducted from each donation contribution and is calculated as follows
Per Donation ContributionFee
> $2,500 and <= $5,0009%
> $5,000 and <= $10,0008%
> $10,000 and <= $25,0007%
> $25,000 and <= $50,0006%
> $50,0005%
  • For example, when a donor makes a $100 donation to tennis, ALMS will deduct $10 from it for operating expenses and will put the remaining $90 to the tennis pool. Once the pool accumulates to over $2000, ALMS will start the profile selection and grant process


  • Individual will be automatically dismissed from the program once he/she reaches 25 years of age
  • Individual/organization is required to update ALMS on training progress and competition result on a regular basis. Failure to do so may result in dismissal from the program
  • Individual/organization is required to submit expense report on a regular basis. Failure to do so may result in dismissal from the program
  • Individual should notify ALMS immediately if he/she is no longer participating in training or competition in the discipline. When the pursue of the dream stops, the individual will be dismissed from the program
  • Organization should notify ALMS immediately if the elite training program stops or participation in competition stops. In such case, the organization will be dismissed from the program
  • Grantee will be immediately dismissed from the program if any of the follow applies:
  • Criminal record
  • Discrimination
  • Drug use
  • Misuse of the grant
  • Physical abuse
  • Racism
  • Sexual abuse
  • This program nurtures those who dedicate their goal in sport and music and benefit those who represent the region or even the country. Maintaining the professional and personal image is one of the key factors to stay in the program. Thus, any socially deemed improper or misconduct behavior will result in dismissal from the program
  • In the case of dismissal, ALMS requires the grantee to return any unused fund. ALMS will expect the return amount to be the total grant amount minus the combined expense from all expense reports. ALMS reserves the rights to pursue legal action if the grantee does not comply

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