Roland Sun
Choo Ng
3rd Place &
Cons Finals
S100MD203 8/15 6:00p 21-2,21-10 V To
G Chan
R Sun
C Ng
Cons Semi
S100MD201 8/15 5:30p (TBD) V To
G Chan
S100MD202 8/15 5:30p (TBD) R Sun
C Ng
S100MD001 Bye Victor To / Gerald Chan
S100MD002 Bye Ken Tsai / Shao-Wen Liaw
S100MD003 8/15 4:30p 25-23,21-5 Roland Sun / Choo Ng Jerry Shen / Leo Chun
S100MD004 Bye Wensung Chang / Steve Zhao
S100MD005 8/15 5:00p 21-11,21-7 V To
G Chan
K Tsai
S Liaw
S100MD006 8/15 5:00p 21-14,21-8 J Shen
L Chun
W Chang
S Zhao
S100MD007 8/15 6:00p 21-19,21-19 K Tsai
S Liaw
W Chang
S Zhao
2nd Place &
Ken Tsai
Shao-Wen Liaw
Winner &
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